How to remove wallpaper the easy way! DIY


How to remove wallpaper the easy way! DIY

Be forewarned…if you have unwanted wallpaper in your home and you read this post….you may fall in love with me. Just so you know. As part of the “grand” kitchen remodel we are now undertaking (small squeal), there is a great deal of wallpaper to eradicate. Luckily, early in our homeowning experience I came across this mixture….and it saved my sanity.

Into an empty gallon milk carton pour 1 cup ammonia, 1 cup liquid fabric softener, fill the rest with water. Shake, pour into a squirt bottle.

This is what your solution will look like….you may want to mark the jug…
to avoid an unfortunate cereal incident.

Now squirt the wallpaper. If it’s the really old kind just squirt it right on and let it soak a couple minutes. If it’s the shiny “modern” kind just try to grab an edge and tear some of the shiny off, then squirt.

Now scrape it off the wall like butter on a hot day.

Seriously, it comes off this easy…in sheets…practically sliding down the wall before you can get to it. This will change your life. ;-) And your house will smell great (choose your favorite scent of fabric softener)

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