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1 Minute To Soft Hands – Olive Oil Sugar Scrub


1 Minute To Soft Hands – Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

I don’t know about you, but when things are simple, I tend to actually do them. Such is the case with this scrub. Between winter, cleaners, and well life…my hands tend to dry up and show an age that I’d rather them not. Scrubbing off the top layer of dry skin is the quickest way to soften them and take off years. But if I have to dig out five ingredients, slice lemons, measure oils – while all lovely, it just doesn’t make it into my daily routine. So I came up with a simple way to make my hands look great in less than a minute with two ingredients. Here’s the scoop:

A few times a week I pour about 1-2 tablespoons of sugar into one hand.

Then I pour about the same amount of Olive Oil into my hand. I think coconut oil would be fabulous for this too – actually I will have to try that next time. You can adjust these amounts to your preference.

Then over my kitchen sink I rub the mixture in between my palms to combine and then spread it all over my hands.

Working in little circular motions all over my hands I scrub off all that dead skin. I like to take it up my arm a bit too. Last I scrub a little on my cuticles, they really get dry so this helps to soften them.

Then just rinse well, and voilà, soft supple skin that looks years younger. Now apply lotion as needed throughout the day to protect that new skin. You’ll be amazed with the difference in your hands.

Don’t be afraid to take your oil and sugar bowl into the shower, this works wonders on the entire body. You can even use it after shaving as the sugar doesn’t sting like salt does – have you done that? Ouch!

If you are looking for that occasional luxurious scrub, Kate wrote a fabulous (and detailed) post on how to make your own body scrubs using a variety of ingredients. It’s kind of her specialty!

So what do you think, are you excited about the new segment? I am, it makes that 3 years of beauty school seem a little more worth while

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I am off to celebrate a fifth birthday, and I have to say it is much harder than I thought it would be. They just keep growing, dang it.

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