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DIY Mason Jar Candles :)


DIY Mason Jar Candles :)

Candle Making Supplies: pouring pot (you can find these everywhere from Michael’s to Amazon), wax flakes – each of my bags are 1 pound, wicks, wick stickums, scent oil, mason jars, color beads, wick holder sticks, and a wooden spoon. Everything except the mason jars (purchased at Michaels) and the wooden spoon (found at a thrift store) are from the candle making kit on Ebay. These mason jar’s are 5″ tall by 3″ wide and they take a full pound of wax flakes.

For this project we won’t be needing that inner seal part of the mason jar lid, so you can remove it. Wipe out the inside of your jars to make sure you have a clean surface to pour your candle wax into.

Some wicks are shipped or packaged looking a little wild or crooked – no need to worry – run your fingers along the wick to smooth it out. Simple as that.

Next, take your stickum and apply it to the metal base of your wick – this then sticks to the bottom of your jar to firmly hold your wick in place.

Then drop your wick into your jar and center it as best you can. I used the end of my spoon to push the stickum down firm on the bottom of my jar.

Next up, the wick holders. They are basically two little wooden dowels with tight rubber bands on each end. Used to pinch your wick and hold it taut in the center of your jar while you pour in your candle wax and while it is setting. Do your best to balance your wick right in the center of the jar, otherwise it will be crooked once the wax is set.

Now the best part! Melting your wax! Keep your flame on low through this whole process. It is best to keep the wax warm enough to melt, never hotter and never boiling. Stir and stir until all your wax melts down. White wax will look yellow once melted.

Now for the color and scent! I know that John from Ebay says not to use his “crummies” as color but I do because it is easy and I can make multiple colors using the good old primaries, red, blue, and yellow. Since the ratio of pure white wax to these little beads is like 10 to 1, my colors always turn out pastel – which I love. If you want a bright colored candle I suggest using his color blocks that he includes in his kits. If you want a specific color, you will definitely need to practice. I wanted a muted turquoise color to match my ‘pool‘ colored card stock from Paper Source… using the color wheel, 2 parts blue + one part yellow = teal (I added a little green too just for fun). Then you can pour in your choice of scent. Almost every major scent is now made in candle making oil. For this candle, I chose Warm Vanilla Sugar.

You are supposed to wait until your wax is the consistency of a Slurpie from 7-11… before you pour it into your jar – which normally takes about 20-30 minutes to cool to that desired texture. Unfortunately, the day we did this DIY shoot it was almost 90 degrees in beautiful Southern Cali and after sitting for almost an hour it was still beautifully clear. So I poured it anyway, because we were running out of time and light. Wax always looks darker when it is the molten state.

How to clean your pouring pot: If wax has cooled and it left stuck inside your pot, throw it back on the heat for like 10 seconds. Once nice and melted again, I take a paper towel and my spoon and wipe the inside clean. Over and over until there is no residue left. That’s all there is to it – no soap or water needed.

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